Root Barrier

Hardscapes and landscapes are a big investment, and traditional methods of protecting them have meant repeatedly spending time, effort, and money. A one time root barrier installation means years of security from roots growing where they're not wanted.


For root barriers, we use BioBarrier. The durable geotextile drainage fabric allows water, air, and nutrients to pass through, not adversely affecting soil hydrology. While physical barriers alone can create root girdling, BioBarrier stops continued root growth, allowing for healthier trees. BioBarrier works invisibly to deflect roots. Its nodules slowly release trifluralin, preventing root tip cell division, which is the method by which roots grow. A small amount of Trifluralin is constantly released and as it biodegrades, is continuously replaced, ensuring the effectiveness and long life of the herbicide zone.


BioBarrier is ideal for use along hardscapes such as:

- Foundations                    - Retaining Walls

- Sidewalks                        - Parking Lots

- Swimming Pools             - Buildings


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